SYSTOR '15- Proceedings of the 8th ACM International Systems and Storage Conference

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SESSION: Virtualization

Puma: pooling unused memory in virtual machines for I/O intensive applications

Selfie: co-locating metadata and data to enable fast virtual block devices

Efficient replication for distributed fault tolerant memory

POSTER SESSION: Posters (extended abstracts)

A test-bed for the assessment of power management strategies in tiered storage systems

Proper timed I/O: high-accuracy real-time control for conventional operating systems

Virtualization architecture of CERN access and safety systems

Reducer capacity and communication cost in MapReduce algorithms design

Enabling federated cloud networking

Cloud services brokering for elastic workloads

Preserving user behavior characteristics in trace-based simulation of parallel job scheduling

Distributed anonymous data collection and feedback

SESSION: Storage - SSD

Algebraic modeling of write amplification in hotness-aware SSD

Read leveling for flash storage systems

Performance analysis of NVMe SSDs and their implication on real world databases

An embedded storage framework abstracting each raw flash device as an MTD

Optimizing file systems for fast storage devices

Space and write overhead are inversely proportional in flash memory

SESSION: Networks and cloud

Merging semantics for conflict updates in geo-distributed file systems

CDP: a coded datagram transport protocol bridging UDP and TCP

Feedback-driven combinatorial test design and execution

Impact of GC design on power and performance for Android

SESSION: Security

Disruptive prefetching: impact on side-channel attacks and cache designs

Thunderstrike: EFI firmware bootkits for Apple MacBooks

Don't trust the cloud, verify: integrity and consistency for cloud object stores

SESSION: Storage

Reducing fragmentation impact with forward knowledge in backup systems with deduplication

SMRDB: key-value data store for shingled magnetic recording disks