List of Accepted Papers

  1. Puma: Pooling Unused Memory in Virtual Machines for I/O intensive applications
    Authors: M. Lorrillere, J. Sopena, S. Monnet, P. Sens
  2. Optimizing File Systems for Fast Storage Devices
    Authors: Y. Son, H. Han, H. Yeom
  3. Algebraic Modeling of Write Amplification in Hotness-aware SSD
    Authors: Y. Yang, J. Zhu
  4. Disruptive Prefetching: Impacts on Side-Channel Attacks and Cache Designs
    Authors: A. Fuchs, R. Lee
  5. Thunderstrike: EFI firmware bootkits for Apple Macbooks
    Authors: T. Hudson
  6. Impact of GC design on power and performance for Android
    Authors: A. Hussein, M. Payer, A. Hosking, C. Vick
  7. CDP: A Coded Datagram transport Protocol bridging UDP and TCP
    Authors: M. Hashemi, A. Trachtenberg
  8. Selfie: Co-locating Metadata and Data to Enable Fast Virtual Block Devices
    Authors: X. Wu, Z. Shao, S. Jiang
  9. Feedback-Driven Combinatorial Test Design and Execution
    Authors: I. Segall, R. Tzoref
  10. Reducing fragmentation impact with forward knowledge in backup systems with deduplication
    Authors: M. Kaczmarczyk, C. Dubnicki
  11. Read Leveling for Flash Storage Systems
    Authors: C. Liu, Y. Chang, Y. Chang
  12. SMRDB: Key-Value Data Store for Shingled Magnetic Recording Disks
    Authors: R. Pitchumani, J. Hughes, E. Miller
  13. Don't Trust the Cloud, Verify: Integrity and Consistency for Cloud Object Stores
    Authors: M. Brandenburger, C. Cachin, N. Knezevic
  14. Space and Write Overhead are Inversely Proportional in Flash Memory
    Authors: P. Brandes, R. Wattenhofer
  15. Merging Semantics for Conflict Updates in Geo-Distributed File Systems
    Authors: V. Tao, M. Shapiro, V. Rancurel
  16. Performance Analysis of NVMe SSDs and their Implication on Real World Databases
    Authors: Q. Xu, H. Siyamwala, M. Ghosh, T. Suri, M. Awasthi, Z. Guz, A. Shayesteh, V. Balakrishnan
  17. An Embedded Storage Framework Abstracting Each Raw Flash Device as An MTD
    Authors: W. Wang, D. Zhou, T. Xie
  18. Efficient Replication for Distributed Fault Tolerant Memory
    Authors: D. Bhagwat, C. Kumar, S. Vaghani

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